Tribe Q+A

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So what/who is the Tribe?

Ever since I started my recording career in 2007, I quickly came to realize that this pursuit was only going to be possible with the presence and the support of some awesome people around me. First of all it takes a capable team to put out a record and tour behind it, and second, it takes a Tribe of music lovers to listen to it and come to shows. Without that it would be pretty much pointless to create music, at least for me. Music is a powerful form of communication so it needs powerful people on both ends. My career has been DIY from the very start, and I very much embrace it. It gives me great joy to be in direct relationship with the people that love music, and has inspired me to reach new musical horizons. If you want to be part of it, get in touch. With a powerful Tribe, anything is possible!

The Tribe is also the name of my band. I’ve had the pleasure to play with some real special musicians over the years before settling into the current lineup:

Sabine Ellison – bass, voc

Jason McKenzie – drums, voc, tabla

Other musicians we have been working with: Darrell Commander – keys, voc, Jan Flemming – keys, Coleman Berg – keys, Bridgid Bibbens – violin, Will Taylor – violin, Tony Cruz – percussion, Hans Die Geige (GER) – violin, Michelle Alany – violin, and a few more…..

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So how can one become a member of the Tribe?

Action. Start coming to shows, sign up to the Newsletter, meet the existing Tribe members in real life and online. It will make you realize that music is more than the sounds coming out of a speaker – it’s a vibration that can enrichen all of our lives. It’s a Synergy between the artist and the music lover, an invitation to connect. Whenever you are ready, we invite you to become part of it…

We do house concerts for our Tribe members, have played on their weddings, invite them to listening parties, give them access to unheard material, demos and live bootlegs, guitar lessons……. it’s up to our imagination.

Shoot us an Email if you have more question…

Welcome to the Tribe!

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