Ulrich Ellison and Tribe – BookTrailer 2012 from Ulrich Ellison on Vimeo.



The Vikings are coming!

One of Austin’s most prolific guitarists, Ulrich Ellison moved to Texas in 2007 after growing up close to the mountain ranges of the central Alps in beautiful Austria. Some of those sceneries can still be heard in his music, as he has developed a unique style of “storytelling with sound”. Employing all possible textures of the electric guitar including the bow, delays, vocal scatting and feedback, he is able to create a rich canvas, complimented by Michelle Alany’s sensual violin tone. Surely not your typical indie rock band, you can hear influences from 70s rock-fusion as well as roots music and celtic rock. “I’ve always been inspired by sound first. If music can grab you right away and pull you in a new world, I’m fired up. I don’t care if it’s a simple blues, a complex jazz arrangement or an electro pop song. I wanna hear drama.” Come and see this Viking tribe from Austin TX tear it up!



Ulrich Ellison – guitar, vocals

Sabine Ellison – bass, vocals (Bloo Voodoo, Courtney Jones)

John Nelson – drums (Thievery Corporation, Poi Dog Pondering)

Michelle Alany – violin, vocals (Transsiberian Orchestra, The Inheritance)

Winton Reynolds – keys, vocals (Trio 4Mas, Macciato)



Electric guitarist and vocalist Ulrich Ellison was born and raised in Graz, Austria, though his ancestral roots go back to Ireland. After paying his dues in the rich music scene of Vienna, a prestigious jazz guitar scholarship enables him to settle in one of America’s musical hot spots – Austin TX. While working at his Masters at UT’s jazz department, he wins three of the International Downbeat Student Awards in the blues/rock/pop soloist category. The diversity of the Austin scene turns out to be the perfect playground for developing a unique personal sound. Countless side man gigs include stints with Abra Moore, soul singer Nakia, salsa band Salero and a successful audition for Cirque Du Soleil. Ellison’s guitar style is based in the blues rock tradition, spiced up with psychedelic, celtic and other world music elements. So far he has released three albums and has been on two European Tours under his own name, including performances at the Vienna Blues Spring Festival and as opener for Uriah Heep. He has been a featured soloist of the Austin Pink Floyd show “Guess Who’s Pink” and the Austin Pops Orchestra. In 2012 he was listed #8 “Best New Band” and #2 “Best Instrumental” at the Austin Music Awards.  (Edgetone Media, 2012)