myTribe info and setup

Description: myTribe is a supportive roots community for Austin TX – based touring band “Ulrich Ellison and Tribe ( ). The community consists of an online portal/member-only download platform, a secret Facebook group and email list. Besides sharing exclusive content not available to the public, myTribe members receive free access to the Tribe store ( ), guest list privileges, member-only events and special edition Merch. There are currently 3 level of membership, BASIC, TIGER and DRAGON

– Receive free access to the Tribe store (currently 19 downloadable albums and compilations)
– Receive a special edition myTribe T-shirt
– Get invitations to member-only events
– Get access to the myTribe Facebook group that will inform you about exclusive content like bootleg recordings, rehearsals, demos of new songs, etc…

All items of the basic level plus:

– 4 guest list spots a year (how you divide them is up to you: One ticket for 4 shows, two tickets for 2, etc)
– get all physical releases shipped way before the official release date, signed by all band members
– Receive 2 more special edition myTribe T-shirts for friends and family
– get a mention as underwriter in all official albums you helped create
– a detailed financial report at the end of the tax year

All items of the basic and Tiger level plus:

– One house concert per year. This concert is for you and your family. We let you decide the setup/occasion. We will try to accommodate your preferred date but we are slightly dependent on our touring schedule. This membership level covers the full performance but not additional travel arrangements that might be necessary. The good news is – we always try to make these concerts part of our existing schedule so no extra travel costs arise.
– As a Dragon supporter, you are invited to come visit us in the studio/rehearsal occasionally. You will have a chance to experience first hand how your contribution is applied to the creation process. Details will lie at discretion of the parties involved and will be limited to specific occasions.
– 25 CDs of every official release, 5 of which are signed by the whole band. Those CDs are for you to give away, use for promotion – you can even sell them if you’d like!
– 1 official framed record with a plaquette indicating your support of every official album we release


Is there a trial period for myTribe? Since this is a supporter platform, a tryout period wouldn’t make sense. However, we will offer a 48 hour grace period after signing up in case you change your mind. If you send us an email in this time explaining why you need to chancel we’ll give you a full refund – even if you have already downloaded some music.

When/how can I cancel my membership? You can cancel anytime. Send an email to and I will personally take care of it. A membership is always valid for a year from the sign up date, then it will be automatically renewed.

Where does my contribution go? Each album will have a detailed financial report of the individual expenses so you will know exactly how your contribution helped to create it.

Is my credit info secure on myTribe? We use Stripe for smooth and easy checkouts. All credit card info is SSL-encrypted and never gets stored on the server. This is the same security standard platforms like Paypal, Square, etc… use.

Can I also make a one-time contribution? The reason myTribe is an ongoing subscription is that we want to have an ongoing relationship with you. It commits us as well to continue to put out high-quality releases. That’s why this model is far superior to kickstarter or other reward-based fundraisers. However, if you don’t feel like making a long-term commitment, myTribe is not your only option: all items at the Tribe store are pay-what-you-feel, which means you can enter any amount above the minimum amount. Also, there is the option to leave us a tip ( ) And then maybe later when you are ready you get to join the myTribe community!)