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Next to his performing career, music production has been Ulrich Ellison’s passion for a long time. Reading every engineering book he could get a hold of he was both fascinated and intrigued of the process of composing, recording and producing music in the studio. At age 16 he recorded his first studio project, compiled of 10 tracks in various styles featuring Ulrich on piano, guitars and voice. Out of these humble beginnings, he developed into a well-rounded composer/arranger and honed his studio skills through a MM in Music Production from the University Of Music and Performing Arts, Vienna. Well versed musically, the technical knowledge gave him a serious foundation for projects to come. Then his artistic career kicked in and production took a backseat. Playing as much as 200 shows a year, there just wasn’t much time to be in the studio except for his original music. In 2018 Ulrich decided to rekindle that love and focus on studio work for other artists as well as licensing. Next to producing 6 of his own albums, Ulrich has recorded and produced 30+ albums ranging from Rock, Reggae, Orchestral, to Jazz, Pop, EDM and Christmas Music. His music has been accepted and placed in various libraries including Audiosparx.com, Jingle Punks, ORF Enterprise and many more. He composed the music for the documentary “Hanno und das Haus” (2004), and contributed music to the Texas action horror movie “Cherokee Creek” (2018).

Licensing Demos

Rootsy orchestral tension cue that was produced for a Netflix series. This cue and many more can be licensed for your media project. Get your custom quote today

Rock/Industrial electronic Hybrid track, as heard in many of today’s car ads or action/sports sequences. The raw power of electric guitar is mixed with cutting edge, contemporary EDM and dance textures. A new 12-track album in this style will be available soon. Get your custom quote today.

Driving Track for action/sports/lifestyle content. With bed tracks like these it’s crucial to strike a good balance between staying in the background of the dialogue and still mantaining musical interest. Contact us today to discuss your musical needs for your campaign/project!

Groovy, chill electro pop instrumental. Here all the sounds to arrange and produce the next chart-topping hit are at our finger tips! Get a custom quote for your project today.

Sometimes more is more. This composition builds tension and anticipation starting with a minimalistic tension-building drone, and then keeps building to a full ochestral score.

Orchestral action theme for an epic battle scene, no matter if in your next Star Wars movie or Middle Age Saga. A lot of this orchestral work is custom-made, trailer music or frame-on-frame scoring work alike. Get your custom quote today.

Beautiful, serene music for a glacier water ad. Finding the right balance and emotion in order to advertise your product. We want to hear about your project!

Music that was done for a coffee ad. Uplifting, optimistic, beaming mood that should relate to having a good start into the day. The chord sequence reminded me on a Pink Floyd song hence the title.

Music for Film/Documentary

custom scoring and composing for all sorts of motion picture


Mockup Demo of Hans Zimmer’s orchestration of  “Time” (from the Movie Inception). This is a great example for a hybrid score of orchestral and electronic elements – a style that I’m specifically fond of.

Scoring demo for the German Movie “In 3 Tagen bist Du tot” (2008) . In this scene, the main actor is looking for her captured friend Mona who is locked in on a mountain hut. The music starts very understated and then picks up momentum as tension rises. Industrial samples and loops were used to convey the desperation of the main actor and create a gloomy, merciless vibe.

Orchestral scoring demo for a scene taken from “Pirates Of The Caribbean”. For demo purposes only

Need specific music for an Ad/TV series/Motion Picture? Get your custom quote now!

Full Band Productions

Guitar-based Roots Rock is at the core of what I do as an artist, so it comes as no surprise that I so enjoy to employ those skills for other artists as well. This is a full album produced for LA – based songwriter Chris Girodet, with Alex Ruiz on lead vocals. Let’s talk about your album today!

Conscious rock by “One World Revolution” and singer Astrum Lux Lucis. Positive Lyrics, a rocking attitude and talent made this an outstanding project to work on.

A good song will carry. There is so many ways that music can be transported and stylized and it’s a producer’s job to find the best way to express the personality of the artist. At the end of the day it’s the message that needs to be transported, and a great arrangement will make sure the listener will be drawn in forever.

Big Band jazz has always been one of my passions. Here is an arrangement of the same Sting song in a Frank Sinatra era jazz arrangement, co-arranged and charted by my buddy Gerrit Wunder.

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An absolute pleasure to work with!Michael J. Lewis, Emmy Award-winning composer
He is the Master Viking! He helped to propel several of my projects to another level.Astrum Lux Lucis, singer and health coach
Ulrich Ellison’s Productions are top sounding and are always unique and creative. Really one of the most amazing people to work with , Ulrich put his soul into the recordings and I always amazed how the songs are FOREVER! It is real hard to stop listening over and over again. Ulrich is all about the music , so professional and is driven by hard to find passion !!! Working with Ulrich along the years was and still is an ongoing amazing journey of making the best even better. I highly recommend Ulrich as a producer, guitarist and a friend!Moshon Shabah - Signal Touch Mastering