Is there a trial period for myTribe? Since this is a supporter platform, a tryout period wouldn’t make sense. However, we will offer a 48 hour grace period after signing up in case you change your mind. If you send us an email in this time explaining why you need to chancel we’ll give you a full refund – even if you have already downloaded some music.


When/how can I cancel my membership? You can cancel anytime. Send an email to ulrichellison@gmail.com and I will personally take care of it. A membership is always valid for a year from the sign up date, then it will be automatically renewed.


Where does my contribution go? Each album will have a detailed financial report of the individual expenses so you will know exactly how your contribution helped to create it.


Is my credit info secure on myTribe? We use Stripe for smooth and easy checkouts. All credit card info is SSL-encrypted and never gets stored on the server. This is the same security standard platforms like Paypal, Square, etc… use.


Can I also make a one-time contribution? The reason myTribe is an ongoing subscription is that we want to have an ongoing relationship with you. It commits us as well to continue to put out high-quality releases. That’s why this model is far superior to kickstarter or other reward-based fundraisers. However, if you don’t feel like making a long-term commitment, myTribe is not your only option: all items at the Tribe store are pay-what-you-feel, which means you can enter any amount above the minimum amount. Also, there is the option to leave us a tip (http://ulrichellison.limitedrun.com/categories/leave-a-tip ) And then maybe later when you are ready you get to join the myTribe community!