"A great talent in the making" - Franz Richter, Concerto Magazin
"Fury on the strings" - Oliver Schreiner, Kleine Zeitung
"Spontaneous and unique rather than following the lead of everyone else...  - BBluesreport

Ulrich Ellison is not your typical Blues rock guy. The Texas-based guitarist with European roots has quite a story to tell, utilizing his own voice – a bluesy, cool sound that is pushing the borders of the genre. A high-caliber guitarist, Ellison can easily switch from lightning fast modal runs to swamp-soaked blues and singing guitar leads that make his guitar talk. His avid songwriting ranges from southern-rock inspired songs like “Machete” and “Teardrops In The Rain” to the bluesy “Waiting For A Better Day”, Led Zeppelin-type arena rock like “Ten Feet Tall”, enchanting instrumentals like “Memories Of You” to the radio-ready “Feeling So Lonely” and “Faith, Love And Puppies”. But his real mastery lies in connecting with his audience, and he is not afraid to prove it as he frequently jumps off stage to serenade the crowd one-on-one. His soul mate and wife Sabine Ellison on bass adds a huge, fat foundation that perfectly locks in with Texas groove veteran Joel Duhon on drums. Upgrading the lineup into full-fledged jam band territory is keyboardist and accordeonist Jan Flemming. Named #1 “Blues/Soul/Funk Act” at the 2015 Austin Music Awards, Ulrich Ellison and his Tribe have been voted as finalists for the 2016 European Blues Challenge in Torrita Di Siena. Playing nearly every major Austin venue as well as clubs and festivals in the US and EU, they have gathered a loyal and sizable following of fans.


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