New album “Rise Up From The Ashes”, scheduled for release on March 11 2016!

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Info “Rise Up From The Ashes”

“This album was recorded live in one day. We did about one month of preproduction and rehearsing in advance and worked on it pretty much every day. This record is about performing and being into the moment, something that seems to get more and more important for me. Since we only had one day it was important for me to pick the perfect location, a live room with high ceilings and lots of air to move but not too much reverbation. After a bit of research and asking other musicians I ended up with the perfect place: Firestation Studios in San Marcos, TX. The building literally is an old Firestation, only except that for fire sirens now the only things howling are guitar amps and cranked fuzz boxes.


left to right: Joel Duhon, Jan Flemming, Bill Johnson, Sabine Ellison, Chet Himes, Ulrich Ellison, Gary Hickinbotham

After I had a chance to work with Chet Himes as part of a project I was involved as a sideman, it was clear to me that some day soon I’d needed to work with him on my music. His skills and philosophy are unmatched and unique, he is a true pioneer in his approach of working with energy in a wholistic approach. You may not always hear a difference but you can feel it. I always feel very comfortable in his surroundings, and so does my wife Sabine. It was a true pleasure to have worked with Chet who has worked with so many well known names in the music industry, and probably only he could name them all.

The other folks on the team are not falling behind. Veteran engineer Bill Johnson and Gary Hickinbotham have know each other for decades and form “tres amigos” together with Chet. Gary Feist of Yellowdog video was leading a student team that filmed the final part of the session.
It took me over a whole month to mix this record. A minimal amount of overdubs kept the original session intact, and except for vocals none of the original tracks got replaced. Being so deeply involved in writing, playing and producing this album was amazing but it also made it hard to make certain executive decisions. Joe Romagnola of “Grooveyard Records” helped big time to put the final perspective on this record, together with the skillful and musical mastering job of Moshon Shabah. The title is inspired from one of the key lines of two songs, “Change Of One Man” and “Until Our Ashes Are Gone”. This is an album I am truly proud of and I think it will bring joy to many listeners all over the world. – Ulrich Ellison”


Ulrich Ellison – guitars, vocala
Sabine Ellison – bass, vocals
Jan Flemming – B3, accordion
Joel Duhon – drums, vocals


Feet Back On The Ground
River Of Life
I’ll Be On My Way
The Traveller
Change Of One Man
Texas Town Central (Instrumental)
Rescue Me
My Revolution
Until Our Ashes Are Gone
Just You (Instrumental)