Vote for Ulrich and Tribe at the 2015-16 Austin Music Awards!


It has been a wonderful year with hundreds of shows, thousands of miles travelled, a new album on the horizon, tears of joy, laughter and pain, and the music that keeps us moving forward on our adventurous journey.

2015 has been our biggest year so far. We won our first Austin Music Award, toured Europe 3 times and got our first label deal. We will keep working tremendously hard in 2016 and would be grateful for any recognition that helps to further promote our music. It doesn’t matter where you live, as long as you are a real person and have an email address you are eligible to vote.

Thanks to: JJ Guitars, Suhr Guitars, Austin Speaker Works, Max Crace Photography, The Skylark Lounge, GHS strings, AMF, Andrew Stearns Photography, Yellowdog Video and Texas Music Water


Voting Suggestions (scroll down for German and Italian translation):

1 – Visit: http://auschron.com/musicpoll
2 – Fill in “Ulrich Ellison and Tribe” in categories “AUSTIN BAND OF THE YEAR”, “Rock” and “Blues/Soul/Funk”

3- Fill in “Dreamchaser – Ulrich Ellison and Tribe” in “Austin Album Of The Year”
4 – Fill in “Ulrich Ellison” in category “Austin Musician Of The Year”, “Guitar” and “Songwriter”
5 – Fill in “Joel Duhon” in category “Drums”
6 – Fill in “Sabine Ellison” in category “Bass”
7 – Fill in “Jan Flemming” in category “Keyboards” and “Miscellaneous Instruments: Jan Flemming, Akkordeon”

You don’t have to fill in all fields but please consider voting for

Latin At Heart – Latin , Patricia Vonne – Best female vocals, Nakia – Best male vocals , Will Taylor – Best Jazz , Bridgid Bibbens – Best Strings, KDRP – Best Radio Station, Kim Yarbrough – Live Music  photographer…..

8 – Fill in required info and click “Submit Ballot” when you are done filling out (you don’t have to fill everything out)

9 – Very Important: Check your email and click on the confirmation link. (They won’t ever spam you, as they have never done that in the past)

10 – Anybody voting for us please send me a message that says “DONE” via email or social media, and you will receive a download from our “2015 Dreamchaser Tour”. And don’t be hesitant to share this link and info with your friends, we need as many votes as possible. Thanks a lot! Dankeschoen!


So wird gevotet:

Schritt 1: geh auf die website http://auschron.com/musicpoll

Schritt 2: Fülle “Ulrich Ellison and Tribe” in die Rubriken “Best Austin Band”, “Rock”,”Blues/Soul/Funk”

Schritt 3: Fülle “Dreamchaser – Ulrich Ellison and Tribe” in “Austin Song Of The Year”

Schritt 4: Fülle “Ulrich Ellison” in die Rubrik “Best Guitar” und “Songwriter”. Die anderen Felder kannst du, musst Du aber nicht ausfüllen.

Schritt 5: Fülle “Joel Duhon” in die Rubrik “Drums”
Schritt 6 – Fülle “Sabine Ellison” in die Rubrik “Bass”
Schritt 7 – Fülle “Jan Flemming” in die Rubrik “Keyboards” und “Miscellaneous Instruments: Jan Flemming, Akkordeon”. Die anderen Felder kannst du, musst Du aber nicht ausfüllen.
Schritt 8: Fülle die Personalinfo aus und klicke auf “Submit Ballot” wenn Du fertig bist (es muss nicht alles ausgefuellt werden)
Schritt 9: Wichtig: Check Dein email und clicke auf den Bestaetigungslink.
Schritt 10: Poste “Erledigt” auf einer meiner FB pages und Du bekommst einen Download Code fuer einen  Live Download von unserer “2015 Dreamchaser Tour” zugesandt.

You Rock! Danke!


Suggerimenti per il voto:

1 – Clicca su: http://auschron.com/musicpoll;
2 – Inserisci “Ulrich Ellison and Tribe” nelle categorie “AUSTIN BAND OF THE YEAR”, “Rock” e “Blues/Soul/Funk”;
3 – Inserisci “Dreamchaser – Ulrich Ellison and Tribe” in “Austin Album Of The Year”
4 – Inserisci “Ulrich Ellison” nella categoria “Austin Musician Of The Year”, “Guitar” e “Songwriter”
5 – Inserisci “Joel Duhon” nella categoria “Drums”
6 – Inserisci “Sabine Ellison” nella categoria “Bass”
7 – Inserisci “Jan Flemming” nella categoria “Keyboards” e “Miscellaneous Instruments: Jan Flemming, Akkordeon”

Non è necessario compilare tutte le altre categorie, ma ci farebbe piacere votaste anche per:

“Latin At Heart” per la categoria “Latin” , “Patricia Vonne” per la categoria “Best female vocals”, “Nakia” per la categoria “Best male vocals”, “KDRP” per la categoria “Best Radio Station”, “Kim Yarbrough” per la categoria “Live Music

8 – Inserisci le informazioni richieste e una volta finito clicca su “Submit” (non è necessario riempire tutti i campi)
9 – MOLTO IMPORTANTE: Controlla la tua e-mail e clicca sul link di conferma (Non ti intaseranno la casella postale con messaggi di spam come fanno altri)
10 – Chiunque abbia votato per noi mi invii un messaggio con scritto “DONE” via e-mail o tramite social media (Facebook per esempio) per piacere. In cambio riceverà un esclusivo download dal nostro “2015 Dreamchaser Tour”! E non esitate a condividere questo link e queste informazioni con i vostri amici, abbiamo bisogno di tutti i voti possibili.
Grazie Mille!