Album Donation

With your help we will be able to record the Tribe’s new album “BOLD”! #FF0000 Raised $2,260 towards the $7,000 target.

Here are the estimated expenses for an album produced “in-house style” like we did it with “Dreamchaser” (recording at the Tribe rehearsal space = minimizing external costs)

  • tracking, rentals, musician costs: $2000
  • editing, mixing for 10 tracks $2000
  • mastering $600-1200
  • artwork $300
  • duplication for the first 1000 copies (digipak) $1400

TOTAL: ca. $7000

Help us to record this album with a $10 donation or more!

I want to support Ulrich and band with this chosen amount: 


Live from the rehearsal room




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