Our Big Threadgill’s Fall Show!!


Threadgill’s Announces Fall show with AMA winners “Ulrich Ellison And Tribe” and “Latin At Heart” on September 19 2015

 Tickets for this show are available via Frontgate tickets at FB Event


Austin, TX, August 23 2015 – This has been a good year for Austin guitarist Ulrich Ellison. Earlier this year, his band “The Tribe” won an Austin Music Award for “Best Blues/Soul/Funk” Live Act. After years of touring clubs in the US, and more recently, Central Europe, they just got signed to NY – based label “Grooveyard Records”. They will celebrate this mile marker with a weekend show at Threadgill’s South Beergarden on Sat Sept. 19. Tickets are on sale via Fontgate tickets.

The recent feature on the August cover of Austin’s “Rockstar Magazine” could be a perfect sum up for guitarist Ulrich Ellison. 8 years ago after moving to Texas in a rather adventurous journey, the Ellisons –his wife Sabine is the bass player of the band- call Austin home for many reasons. “The longer I have lived here, the better I start to understand the musical and cultural ties between American and European heritage, and how it’s all a mix here in the US, very often without being credited to the source” explains Ellison. “Austin has become a real home with a fantastic community. There is inspiration in the air, in both the good and bad that happens every day around us. I hope to add a little more color to the city’s musical crayon box.” Ellison’s style can be described as a mix of Texas-soaked blues rock, a Sting-like pop sensitivity and a “Take No Prisoners” live performance style. His virtuoso guitar skills have earned him comparisons to tone wizard Eric Johnson many of times, whereas his overall vibe may be more reminiscent of an early Johnny Winter. But there is at least one thing that separates him from being just another guitar shredder: a strong catalogue of original songs, and a unique sound. “I’m a huge fan of Celtic music and European Folk, and I always draw inspirations from that flavor, no matter what I do.” That’s what caught the attention of “Grooveyard Records” label owner, Joe Romagnola: “I have been working with some of the best electric guitarists worldwide for the last 30 years. When I heard Ulrich’s “Dreamchaser” album I knew I wanted him on board with us. Great songs, great guitar playing, great vocal performances and a unique, recognizable style make this one of my favorite releases of the year.” The label will start distributing the first bulk of albums in October, with an international network and strong bases in Japan and Central Europe, just in time for the Tribe’s Europe Fall Tour. But before that it’s time to celebrate and live the moment just for a little bit. “We haven’t been playing Austin much this year. To get the chance to play a weekend at Threadgill’s with our friends “Latin At Heart” is just a fantastic way to play in front of all our friends and Tribers before the dust of the road has us again. You really learn to appreciate the luxury to sleep in your own bed!”


Tickets for this show are available via Frontgate tickets at, on and the Tribe street team


– Chad Forswick, Independent Press