New album “Dreamchaser” now available for preorder!

We are very thrilled to let you know that this album is going to rock hard! If you are already a fan of my music, you should be prepared for an album that I consider my most cohesive, well-rounded work up to date. It shows the musical development in our busiest year of touring so far and is recorded live in the studio by this kickass band:

Ulrich Ellison – guitars, mandolin, vocals

Sabine Ellison – bass, vocals

Darrell Commander – keyboards, vocals

Mike Davila – drums

Preorder now and help us to make it on the independent album charts. Choose a “Tribe Boost” and have your name mentioned in the booklet. All proceeds go directly into the touring and promotion of this record. I thank you for your continued support that enables DIY artists like myself to keep going and create new music. Spread the love, join our Tribe and keep chasing YOUR dream!

Ulrich Ellison