Finally back in Austin!


we made it back to Austin safe and sound and we had a blast on our first ever showcases in the Denver area. One more big show before we take a bit of a break (whatever that means in a musician’s life :))

Mr. Will Taylor of Strings Attached will join the Tribe for this show again!! If you don’t know Will you seriously have to check him out! Will jamming with the Tribe on Youtube

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We are offering a special package that is available at our Austin-based event sponsor,Whatever Kitsch and Smokes and by replying to this mail. The Tribe fan package for you: two show tickets, a signed poster and a “Synergy Tour shirt” in your size for $35! (Regular tickets go for $10)
Please reply with “I want a ticket” if you just want a ticket and no shirt

Our awesome Tribe girls!

And finally, here are some fun tour statistics of our run by our keyboardist, Mr. Darrell Commander:

— Approx. number of miles driven: 4000
— Approx. gallons of gas consumed: 250
— Number of shows played: 14
— States visited: 12
— Best audiences: Conway, AR (Bear’s Den), Tulsa, OK (Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame)
— Worst audience: Odessa, TX
— Largest audiences: Odessa, TX and Tulsa, OK
— Smallest audience: Denver. CO
— Most epic dancing: Colorado Springs, CO
— Number of tornado-warned supercells barely missed in the Great Plains: 3
— Bowls of chili eaten by Mikey in Lincoln: 4
— Number of 30-minute bathroom stops between Lincoln and Springfield: 4
— Number of detours to pick up the keyboard player’s missing luggage: 1
— Number of band house owners who didn’t remember who we were the next morning and thought Reagan was still president: 1
— Number of 5 AM trips to the local jail to pick up keys to a band house: 1
— Approx. number of Subway foot-longs consumed (per person): 5
— Large cans of mixed nuts consumed by keyboard player: 4
— Most potent drinks: Adios Mofo at Blues and Greens, Boulder (Long Island Iced Tea with blue curaçao instead of triple sec and Sprite instead of Coke), Superman at Lamasco, Evansville, IN (recipe unknown but basically a little bit of everything behind the bar)
— Number of Supermen consumed by the drummer: 5
— Number of partially bald tires driven on: 1
— Number of jump starts due to leaving the cooler turned on overnight: 1
— Number of meals at Denny’s: 1
— Number of cases of intestinal distress caused by meals at Denny’s: 3
— Number of drunken requests for Joe Walsh songs handed to the pianist, as if he had any control over such things: 1
— Number of “Freebird!”s: 1

We’ll hope to see you soon!

Ulrich and Tribe