It has been a wonderful year with hundreds of shows, thousands of miles travelled, a new album on the horizon, tears of joy, laughter and pain, and the music that keeps us moving forward on our adventurous journey.

We have worked tremendously hard this year and would be grateful for any recognition that helps to further promote our music. Please vote, share with friends, go crazy!! The Tribe needs you! You are highly appreciated. Peace, Ulrich

Thanks to: Suhr Guitars, Austin Speaker Works, Max Crace Photography, GHS strings, AMF, Andrew Stearns Photography, Yellowdog Video and Texas Music Water


Voting Instructions:

1 – Visit:
2 – Fill in required info at the top of the poll.
3 – Fill in “Ulrich Ellison and Tribe” in categories “Best New Austin Band”, “Rock” “Instrumental” and “Roots Rock”
4 – Fill in “Ulrich Ellison” in category “Electric Guitar”
5 – Fill in “Mike Davila” in category “Drums”
6 – Fill in “Sabine Ellison” in category “Bass”
7 – Fill in “Darrell Commander” in category “Keyboards”

8 – Click “Submit Ballot” when you are done filling out (you don’t have to fill everything out)

9 – Check your email and click on the confirmation link.

PS: Please consider voting for Nakia – Best male vocals (I play with him and he is fantastic) and Courtney Sanchez – Best female vocals

Anybody voting for us please send me a message that says “DONE”, and you will receive a download link for the album single “Around The Moon” that hasn’t even been released yet! Anybody that posts this on five FB friend’s walls (must be people, not pages) will receive a free download of “Synergy” when it comes out!

So wird gevotet:

Schritt 1: geh auf die website
Schritt 2: Fülle die Info aus im oberen Teil
Schritt 3: Fülle “Ulrich Ellison and Tribe” in die Rubriken “Best New Austin Band”, “Rock”, “Instrumental” and “Roots Rock”
Schritt 4: Fülle “Ulrich Ellison” in die Rubrik “Best Electric Guitar”. Die anderen Felder kannst du, musst Du aber nicht ausfüllen.

Schritt 5: Fülle “Mike Davila” in die Rubrik “Drums”
Schritt 6 – Fülle “Sabine Ellison” in die Rubrik “Bass”
Schritt 7 – Fülle “Darrell Commander” in die Rubrik “Keyboards” Die anderen Felder kannst du, musst Du aber nicht ausfüllen.
Schritt 8: Klicke auf “Submit Ballot” wenn Du fertig bist (es muss nicht alles ausgefuellt werden)
Schritt 9: Check Dein email und clicke auf den Bestaetigungslink.
Schritt 9: Poste “Erledigt” auf einer meiner FB pages und Du bekommst einen Exclusiv-Download der Single “Around The Moon” zugesandt!

You Rock! Danke!