We have reached 18% after 6 days, that’s fantastic!

Hey y’all,


A big shoutout to all our supporters that have been sharing and spreading the news of our campaign. So far, the campaign video has been shared over 200 times, and I know there is way much support out there than our actual 16 backers. Remember that you making a pledge is more than just giving us money. It’s a leap of faith. It shows us and other people that you believe in us and our music. If we can make “Synergy” into a movement then we will succeed. That’s literally what the word synergy means – working together. ¬†Imagine 300 backers – an unstoppable wall of support! Just like this:

So think about it Р your pledge of $10 or more can make ALL the difference for us!

And you will get the download of “Synergy” – knowing you are a part of it.

Respect, Love, and Music,