Between Fallin’ and Flyin’ – only 3 more days to make “Synergy” happen!!

Dear reader,

On this whole  “Synergy” tour and process, we have experienced amazing support from so many great people. Some of them we have known for long but some of them we have just met. We couldn’t do anything without you. “Synergy” has not been just an empty phrase but an experience.

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Sabine fun

Sabine fun

Our last show - we did it!

Our last show – we did it!


I knew it would be very hard to reach our kickstarter goal and I knew there was a risk to fail by setting the bar so high. I could have played it safe….  Well, here is a line of one of my new songs called “Fallin’ “: “The closest we can get to flyin’ is when we lose our fear and fall” That’s why I decided to put everything on the fence, even after our long and tedious immigration procedure. A month ago it wasn’t even clear if we were allowed to stay in the US. Now we are 3 days away from the possibility of starting a new chapter in The Tribe’s musical and entrepeneurial journey. Only God knows what will happen if we make it. All I can do is ask you to make those three days count by making a pledge to move us towards the goal line.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart,