Tour Update #1 – Help the Tribe to hit the road!

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Here is an update on the tour planning. I have been working all day to solidify the itinerary and get the costs figured out. One of my strongest techniques is a thing called “reverse visionary materialization”. What it is: I scout a venue that looks very promising and put it on the schedule. Then I imagine the routing and driving, and how nice that booking person might be. Then I pick up the phone and we get booked immediately! Ha Ha 🙂 I wish it works as easily – but there is some truth to putting out the vision first. Other people might call it FAITH. (= First Ample Imagination, Then Happening)

So here is the vision: we will travel as a four-piece – Winton has to stay home 🙁 – with me, Sabine, John Nelson and Michelle Alany. We will leave on Nov 8th to Sealy Flats, San Angelo, where our first show will happen. Then we will keep traveling like this:

Notice the changes from the last map: I picked up a good show in Evansville and a saturday date in Chicago is starting to cristallize plus a stop in Nashville. That changes our total mileage to 3165, 403 miles more than the old routing (or about 7 hours of driving time). Laws of the road…

We are getting good feedback from our booking campaign (Scott Thomas is working his ASS off, I don’t know what we would do without him!) but once in a while we get replies like that:


“Nov 17 works for us!
At this time, we are unable to provide rooms, meals, or money, but we do allow a free drink for every performer, a tip jar, and merch sales. We are a new shop and shows are free, so it’s hard to pay bands at this point.
The show is a two-hour time slot (7-9), and you’re welcome to play the whole thing, or I can try to find a local band to split the bill with you guys.
I’ll just assume Nov 17 and put you guys in the books. Let me know if anything changes!

AAAAAARRRGGHH………..!!! A long road for a free show, Mr. Cricket!

Our average guarantuees are much lower then expected (=projected). We are talking in the $300 – range. So in order to make our trip work, here is some math:

Van Rental $750
Gas (ca. 3500 miles) $840
Add. rooms (8x$70) $560
Road meals, groceries $500
Min pay sidemen (14x$75)x2 $2100 (which doesn’t include me and Sabine)
Instrument insurance $300
postage, posters, flyers $300
Booking Fees $300
TOTAL $5,650

So really – without outside help there is no way we can make this happen.

Please, Tribe, help us to make this become reality!

Like I said to Tracie Blau today: “We are taking quite a risk by hitting the road at this point…but to not take risks can actually be a bigger risk – if that makes any sense”

As a little “Thank You gift”, I have two rewards for you: supporters over 14$ will get the new EP, either as download or for pick up at the gig. Supporters over 49$ will get an exclusive T-shirt “Member Of The Tribe”, for pickup at a show.

Don’t hesitate to contact me in case you have any questions or other ideas like sponsorship, accommodations on the road, etc…..

Thanks a lot! Ulrich and Tribe